Moving to Arizona from California

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Why Moving to Arizona from California Is a Great Idea.

Cost of living, lack of traffic, job growth, low taxes, and plenty of space are all great reasons to leave California and buy a home in Arizona. The local real estate experts at Mahody Realty can help you find a home in Arizona.  If you’re considering leaving your home state for a new one, let us know why you’re thinking of it and what is important to you and we can help you figure out if relocating to the Phoenix area is right for you.

What’s wrong with living in California?

 The traffic, environmental impact, taxes, and sprawl are all reasons to escape the Golden State. More and more people are trying to escape California. Some are going south in pursuit of sunshine and temperatures that don’t make living in Los Angeles next to impossible. For others, Arizona’s great year-round climate and low taxes make the state a better option. But for many Californians, in addition to the weather, is freedom from an overpowering local government that restricts freedoms, forces high taxes and cost of living.

Not only are Californians moving to Arizona, but many companies from around the country are moving to Arizona as well for their business-friendly tax laws; all of this creates a great place to live, but also with companies moving to Arizona, a lot of new jobs as well, which makes Arizona an attractive place to work too!

What are the benefits of moving to Arizona?

Low cost of living, low taxes, no natural disasters, and a very clean and diverse city.  Most people agree that California has some of the highest state taxes in the country. California residents pay more than five percent in state taxes on top of the federal government’s 10 percent. That’s a significant annual savings for those living in Arizona. The sales tax in Arizona is 5.5 percent less than in California.  Arizona’s annual property taxes are sometimes less per year than some residents in other big cities pay monthly.

How do I find a home in Arizona?

 If you’re a first-time home buyer, it can be overwhelming. Finding the right home and the right school district for your family is all about being flexible and willing to make changes. Our realtors are your guide to finding a home in Arizona. The current median sales price for a single-family home in Arizona is under $400,000. With the homes available in Arizona being more affordable than California, it’s a great time to buy in Arizona. Some of the most popular schools in Arizona are in Tempe, Mesa, and Chandler. Arizona State University in Tempe is in the heart of the Phoenix Metro area.  Even still, many families want to stay close to home, so there are a lot of private schools to choose from. With 100,000 people a year moving to Phoenix, home prices are projected to grow even higher in the future making Arizona not only a great place to live but makes home ownership in the area a great investment!

Why should I contact Mahody Realty to help me find a home in Arizona?

Mahody Realty and its agents have always specialized in helping families and investors purchase properties. With a knowledge of the valley, and an understanding of financial markets, agents with Mahody Realty can be a tremendous asset to you and your family.  Also, Mahody Realty makes home buying very easy for you because of their relationships. You are always free to use your own lender or home inspectors, etc.  However, Mahody Realty has great relationships with industry experts to help you in every part of the home buying process, making Mahody Realty a one stop shop for your home buying needs!


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