Ways to Improve Your Credit Scores When Buying a House

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Starting your journey looking at Phoenix homes for sale is a major step. One of the areas that first-time home buyers run into is that their credit scores are not high enough to support the homes they’re considering. When it comes to homebuying options the last thing a first-time buyer wants to run into is a lack of support due to their credit score. 

Your credit score is a reflection of how you pay your bills and the bills you carry as it is. Any lender will want to know that you can support yourself and any purchases you might make with credit. This is their assurance that they will get paid back for the home you purchase. 

Before you look at Kierland homes for sale or the Glendale, AZ real estate listings, it’s time to make sure your credit score is in order. Follow along for tips on how to make that happen. 

Prepare in Advance

One of the mistakes that many first-time home buyers make is that they don’t give themselves enough time to work on their credit scores. if you’re looking to buy a home, be sure that you’re taking your time to get things in order first. Give yourself at least six months to prepare before starting the home-buying process. 

You’re going to want to take some time to make sure that you’re paying up your bills and cleaning up your line of credit. The first thing you’re going to want to do is heavily plan to accommodate the process. 

Be mindful of the purchases you make in the lead-up to looking at homes. Stay informed and aware of any credit changes that may be coming in the following months. 

Check Your Credit Score

While the goal is to not have many credit inquiries on your score while you’re in the home-buying process, you also want to check your score first before you start the process. Before getting in touch with Arizona realtors, make sure that everything is for home buying. 

Keep an eye on any changes that happen in your score and be sure that you can account for anything drastic. Your lenders want to see a clean and high credit score before they agree to work with you when it comes to purchasing your first home. 

Do Not Make Late Payments

It is more important than ever to make sure all of those payments are made on time in a sizable fashion. While you should still be making purchases to prove that your cards are active, you should also be paying off those payments you accrue. Lenders want to know that you can make your payments on time without struggling. 

Any late or negative payments will reflect badly on your credit score and cause potential lenders to question if they want to work with you. Keep a close eye on your payment schedule and maintain keeping everything up to date and on track. 

Try Not to Overuse Your Cards

It is roughly only 30% of card utilization that should be made in the lead-up to buying your first home. Try not to max out your card in the time before buying your home. Your potential lenders want to see that you know how to handle your income and how to consistently keep up with your bills. 

Maintaining a low balance to be paid back shows lenders that you have the income ready to keep yourself afloat even with the added pricing of a new home. 

Dispute Any Issues Immediately

Lenders also make mistakes at times. If when you check your credit score, something seems off, you should be contacting the lenders immediately to get to the bottom of the potential problem. In a time when your credit score is vital you want to know that it is an accurate reflection of what you owe. 

Contact lenders immediately if you see anything that might be harmful to your credit score. Getting to the bottom of those miscommunications and problems is a great way to start preparing yourself for buying a home. 

While you work on making your credit score correct, you don’t need any negative steps showing up and deterring you from being able to purchase your home. 

Familiarize Yourself With Your Score

Be aware of what your aim should be when it comes to your credit score. Your score holds a great deal of weight in the leeway you’re going to have when it comes to affording a nice home. Before you even start looking at Kierland homes for sale or Glendale AZ, real estate listings have a general idea of what you’re looking to pay. 

This will also give you a realistic goal of what you should be looking for in your first home. Always know what your budget is, from buying your first home to spending an allotted balance on your credit cards. 

Do This Before Looking at Phoenix Homes for Sale

Take these steps to ensure that your credit score is as high as possible. Arizona realtors will tell you that this is a key step in getting into your dream home. Take these steps now so that they don’t hinder you in the future when looking at Phoenix homes for sale.

Get on the right track to buying your dream home. When you’re ready to sit down and talk about your next big steps, let us know what we can do for you to make the process easier. Get in touch with our team today to get started. 


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